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Best Dog Boarding Services in Statesville NC

Canino Dog accepts reservations for sleepovers for dogs. Our facilities are staffed around the clock, so your dog is never left alone. Consider us a doggie community play center! We have an indoor/outdoor play area with plenty of space for a fitness class and quiet time when necessary. When we facilitate you with our dog boarding services in Statesville NC, you will be relaxed and have peace of mind. One of our friendly animal coaches will spend time getting to know your dog before pairing him/her with a small group of other dogs for playtime based on various factors such as personality, size, and temperament.

An Environment, Your Dog Will Always Love

We give your dog a loving, cordial, friendly, and attentive environment, just like at home at Canino Dog; your dog will be trained to eat at a scheduled time. The good news is that your dog will make new canine friends while sniffing out our affordable dog boarding services in Statesville. This vital visit allows us to evaluate your dog’s personality, behavior, and social profile to produce the highest care and playgroup for it while it is with us. Please call to schedule your direction day and reserve your dog’s stay at our center. We solve your dog’s behavioral problems while offering you dog boarding services in Statesville NC, to tame their anger management issues and leash control and place them in different environments to train them thoroughly.

Why Choose Dog Boarding Services ?

Fully Equipped

We are fully equipped to deal with your pups. However, we encourage you to bring their food, so they do not have any indigestion issues while at our dog boarding services.

Safety & Comfort

We ensure your dog is happy with our dog boarding services; therefore, we create a professional yet comfortable experience for dogs, so they can gel in well and feel safe.

Fun Playroom

We arrange several pup activities, so your dog has a great time at our boarding, and we ensure to give individual attention to every pup because that is why we are here.

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