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Best Drop in Visit Services in Statesville NC

For some people, boarding their pet at someone else’s house or facility can be confusing, upsetting, or even traumatic. Pets can unwind and maintain their regular, stress-free routine while receiving the best care if you let them stay in their home while you are away. We provide perfect drop in visit services in Statesville NC, as a fantastic alternative to boarding kennels and doggie daycare facilities. While you are at work, on vacation, or preoccupied with other life events, one of our pet sitters from Canino Dog visits your home to visit your pets. We will schedule the visits based on your preferences and your pets’ requirements.

Feel Free To Vary Visit Durations And Personalize Each Day

Do you need to provide individual care for a dog or cat? We are here to make returning home after a hectic day at work, a family trip, or a vacation less stressful. Walks, feeding, outside playtime with toys, and reinforcement of exercise methods based on rewards are all possible with our best drop in visit services in Statesville NC. Giving your dog breaks from the kennel will help him become crate trained or housebroken. Senior dogs could also require a bathroom break during the working day. Consider your pet’s level of activity, fitness, and social interests when determining the length of the visit(s) you require.

Why Choose Us ?

30 Minutes Drop In Visit Services

Usually, this is OK for cats or dogs who need to be allowed out during the day to use the restroom. Short-term visits are preferred if your pet values alone time.

60-Minute Drop In Visit

A 60-minute drop in visit services includes a lengthier stay so your dog can take a longer walk, play outside, or participate in any other activities you would like.

Unlimited Entertainment

During drop-ins, we engage pets’ physical and cerebral faculties by playing with them, brushing them, or giving them a full-body massage.

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