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Professional House Sitting Services in Statesville NC

Do you need somebody to watch over you while you’re away and look after your home and pets? Our network of trusted home sitters in Statesville is ready and waiting for you! Thousands of pet and house sitters have trusted us for years. We offer professional house sitting services in Statesville NC, supported by stellar customer service. Every time a successful house-sitting experience is achieved on the platform, feedback is added to the house sitters’ trust profiles to assist you in finding the ideal match. We offer multiple professional pet house sitting services at your doorstep.

The Garden Stays Green, The Pets Are Content, And The House Is Safe

While the homeowner is away, our house sitters take care of the pets, house, and garden. It offers the highest level of pet care, home security, and genuine peace of mind. Canino Dog connects travelers and animal lovers worldwide. It is the best place to discover like-minded individuals, sometimes called house sitters, to take care of homes and animals while owners are away. Our best house sitting services in Statesville NC, provide affordable pet and home care in exchange for a place to stay. Join this thriving, giving, and intelligent community to bring joy to some gorgeous creatures. It all begins by contacting us, and it’s more satisfying than you can imagine.

Why Choose House Sitting Services in Statesville ?


With years of expertise, we created 24/7 security standards and trusted services. To develop a secure community for pets, we put security first.

Content Pets

Owners of Homes receive the best pet care and home security and sitters can make or save money.

Pet Ideal

Any veterinarian will advise you that live-in care at home is the best choice for your pet while you’re gone. Since the animals are content and secure, you can truly relax.

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