Am I my dog’s preferred person? As a pet owner, you might have pondered since, who wouldn’t want to be their dog’s most important person? Personality, socialization, attention, and favorable associations are everything. However, let’s get into the details to see how dogs decide who they prefer—or, you know if you want proof that you’re the best.

Socialization Counts

Many dogs develop their best relationships with those who care for them between birth and the important socialization stage, which lasts seven months and a year. Because puppies’ brains are so responsive at this age, their early social experiences impact who they develop into.

Attention Strengthens The Link

Physical affection also helps to cement the bond between a dog and a person. If a person is away from them, a dog will grow distant from that person. If you give your dog love, attention, grooming, massages, and other forms of pampering, they will likely demand more.


Your dog won’t be able to stop giving your hands and face a quick tongue bath. In addition to being a food-seeking behavior, dogs may lick as a gesture of submission or communication. But it’s true: dog licking can also express welcome or love in some circumstances. Therefore, even while we can’t ensure that those licks signal that you are the favorite if your dog frequently licks you, you aren’t the least favored.

How To Win Over Your Dog’s Love

Don’t give up if your dog prefers someone else to you. The link between you and your dog can be strengthened. The best technique is hiring professionals from Canino Dog for its helpful sessions. You and your dog will form a deeper link than you ever imagined possible, regardless of the dog training program or activity you select, from our basic training to competition.

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