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Affordable Pet Transportation Services in Statesville NC

Moving to a new home already leaves you with a lot to think about. With the help of our smooth pet transportation services in Statesville NC, let our staff at Canino Dog make your move simpler. We assist in transporting your dogs, cats, and other pets over long distances in a spacious SUV or minivan; there is no need for them to experience discomfort in the confined cargo of an airplane or vehicle. From town to town, we deliver your dogs in a spotless, cozy, and climate-controlled truck. You’ll receive regular text message updates with their photos. They soon move in with you to your new house before you know it.

Trustworthy Pet Transportation Services

Your pets’ needs, such as food and water, will be met by our skilled drivers. You can relax knowing that your cat and dog are in the hands of a true animal lover because everyone at Canino Dog is passionate about our animal transportation services. Our affordable pet transportation services in Statesville NC, allow your cherished pets to travel safely to your new home. We provide a range of ground transportation options to satisfy any unique requirements. Our nationwide pet transportation services can move your pets regardless of whether you are moving from north to south, east to west, or another way.

Why Choose Us


We’ll treat your pets like they’re a part of the family and travel with them as if they were our own. Our transport service relocates dogs and cats safely, giving you peace of mind.

Breaks While Traveling

Your pet will be fed, given water, and given breaks for exercise in secure locations. We’ll also let you know where we are and how your pet is doing.


Our climate-controlled cars, unlike airplane cargo, keep your pet warm while safely resting in a bed, kennel, or on plush cushioning. We make moving pets enjoyable.

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