Anyone who interacts with a cat wants to learn how to gain their trust, whether they are a new cat parent or want to strengthen their relationship with their furry roommate. It takes time for cats to determine which group you fall under, whether you’ve just adopted a cat or wish to become best friends with the stray down the street.

Let’s examine a thorough list of techniques to win your cat’s trust.

Allow Your Cat To Smell You

Cats communicate via scent. Sit down and allow the cat to approach you and smell as they please to get to know a new or timid cat. However, take your time before engaging in further interactions besides amicable scent-swapping, such as picking the cat up.

Put Calming Pheromones To Use

Cats naturally create pheromones as a means of communication. Cats who rub their faces on you emit pheromones that identify you as trustworthy and safe.

Slowly Smile Or Blink At Your Cat

A cat will relax, slowly close its eyes or squint when they feel safe and trust its surroundings. You may convey the same messages by sitting close to your cat, squinting, and gradually closing your eyes.

Develop a Routine

Cats love predictability, so establishing a dependable schedule can aid a new or timid cat in settling in and developing trust in you. Setting up a feeding routine, playing with your cat at roughly the same time each day, and petting or grooming them at roughly the same time each day are all examples of how to do this.

Expert Cat Behavior Guide

Feeding and regular contact with cats can naturally lead to bonds, but some cats require extra care and time to feel secure. Professionals at Canino Dog know cat behavior problems and can resolve them without hecticness. Their comprehensive approaches give you the knowledge to counsel a cat when you are ready to surrender your pet due to a behavioral issue.

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